Past winner: Ian Clark (2018)

Describe this person’s role in the business:

When I spoke with Ian Clark and asked him whether there was an office hero he’d like to nominate for a Tuned-in Canada award, he said: “Not really, because there aren’t any employees. Who is going to be the hero?”

Ian then went on to talk to me about the work that he does to keep the trains moving on time for the Sayward Valley community and I thought if he wasn’t going to nominate himself – I was going to nominate him myself.


Tell us why your nominee deserves to be recognized as office hero:

Ian travels to Sayward Valley two days a week. Because of that distance he must travel to carry out service calls, Ian intentionally built the system to be self-sufficient, so there’s rarely any downtime, and repairs and maintenance are minimal. He rarely has to make service calls. But when he does, it’s always with a smile. On the day I talked to Ian, he had a house call where a customer wanted to move their TV from one side of the room to the other. He made the switch and moved on.

Last year Ian made a substantial investment on new equipment for the community of 300 people. He’s also investing further monies into the system in 2018, because most channels are moving to MPEG4 and HD. Ian also invests in providing new Docis3 high-speed Internet for his customers – providing  speeds of up to 30MB downloads – something he’s very proud of. For him, that investment is the cost of doing business – Ian has to do these upgrades because if he doesn’t, people will lose service. Any money he makes gets put back into the system to service his customers.

So why do he keep doing it?

“I do this because someone has to do it. You can’t walk away from 300 people and leave them with nothing. You have to do it. If you turn it off, everyone here has nothing. You have 300 people to look after. You can’t just shut it off.”

“This is a labour of love. It’s a great community.”