Past winner: Steve Hiscock (2019)

Describe this person’s role on your local community channel:

Steve is a one man show on Community 10. He hosts shows, and even sometimes plays Uncle Sam, his comic character, to interview local celebrities. He’s our producer, editor, videographer, and on-camera news anchor.

This is a great summary of all the Steve does for BBS 10:

Name of your local community channel:

Community 10

Tell us why your nominee deserves to be recognized as best on-camera community channel personality.

When Steve was younger, he had a significant stutter – something he has worked to overcome, as part of his broadcasting journey. Plus he keeps our community up to date on everything that’s happening!

Describe your nominee’s connection to the community.

Everyone knows everyone here in Burgeo, and Steve is the face of our community channel programming.


About Burgeo:

Burgeo Broadcasting System is a registered Not for Profit community cable company.  It offers cable TV service to the community of Burgeo (population of approx. 1,200) on the south coast of Newfoundland.  The goal of the company is to offer the best possible TV service at the best possible price.  We offer over 50 channels in our basic package with a wide selection of programing but also includes sports and local originated channel programing.  We also offer a movie package that includes Crave and HBO Canada.

We have three locally originated channels. One is our free community channel that hosts a bulletin board of community events and entertainment.  This channel is where Steven Hiscock does his on air interviews and local news and events.  He has locally originated programming three evenings a week.  We also have a community ad channel for the local businesses to advertise to the community.  The third channel is the church bulletin channel, where the local churches can reach out to their parishioners.  Steve has a devotion time, where the local minister hosts an hour of prayer and hymns for those that can’t attend the regular church services.

Burgeo Broadcasting employs five individuals in the community of Burgeo.  We have three technicians on staff to ensure the cable/ internet is running.  We have an office worker that ensures that the accounting is in order and works the front desk interfacing with our customers.  And of course we have Steven that works behind the scenes to complete the programming and is the face of our community channel.