Past winner: Driven By Our Community (2018)

Tell us why your nominee deserves to be recognized for making your community stronger:

Well – we’re a unique scenario in that we’re Canada’s first community-owned network. We are owned by a not-for-profit organization (Olds Institute) that is mandated to improve the quality of life in our community.


Why did this matter/make a difference in your community? 

So in our model a portion of all bills paid go towards that not-for-profit and is returned back into the community. All money goes back into the Foundation. Some of the ways we ensure we’re doing the right thing.

Connected Community Committee which is there to engage residents and the business community

We help and encourage our local businesses leverage technology to support their long- term success. How can we encourage those same local businesses to move their business online and offer e-commerce – because we want them to be prepared for the shifting

We have a cyber seniors group to encourage use of technology within our Youth in the community work with the seniors to teach them about the technology – and seniors in turn gain important experience.

We are driven entirely by our community. We’re committed to the best service at the most sustainable price. We have some of the best Internet speeds in North America – and that’s helped us grow and retain our population, as out-migration from rural to urban areas was becoming a grave concern.

We have in-home tech support calls. Our in-home tech support calls is about 12 on average. We’re a resource to spur technology and connectivity.


When did/does this take place (approximately)? 

Launched the super high speed Internet in 2013 – other community-based programs began in 2016.