Past winner: Cain’s Quest Coverage (2018)

Tell us why this show deserves to be recognized for best community channel programming:

CRRS is the Community Recreation Rebroadcasting Service Association in Labrador City, Newfoundland. This year we sponsored the Cain’s Quest endurance snowmobile race in Labrador West, partnering with them to cover the entire event.

Cain’s Quest is one of the most extreme winter endurance races on the planet – a multi day snowmobile race through the Labrador wildnerness.

Our employees pulled it off – working for a week straight at all hours to cover this exciting event. It was excellent.


In your opinion, what makes the show excellent?

We covered the event, but also created interviews and other material to really round out the coverage.


What kind of impact did the show have upon you and/or your community? 

Our coverage has helped raise the profile of this great event.


When did the show air (approximately)?