Past winner: Fibre infrastructure (2018)

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What does connecting Canada mean to Cable Cable? It means providing innovative technologies to rural residents, helping to connect their homes to the greater community and to the people and places they love.

In the southernmost portion of the City of Kawartha Lakes lies the quaint village of Pontypool. The residents of Pontypool have long struggled with sub-standard internet service and limited options when it comes to providers. Many residents have been racking up tremendous monthly mobile data costs to compensate for the lack of reliable service.

In the spring of 2018, Cable Cable will bring fiber internet and TV service to Pontypool residents, impacting their sense of community pride, access to news and entertainment, and lowering their monthly cost of living.

This photo shows a member of our in-house construction crew (Colin) getting drilling equipment loaded up and ready to head into Pontypool for the day to continue the critical infrastructure work which will allow us to bring our fiber services to the community.