2021 Winners

The Canadian Communication Systems Alliance is pleased to announce the winners of Tuned-In Canada 2021, a long-standing annual CCSA initiative that celebrates the contributions CCSA-Member independent communications companies make to their communities and for their customers.

“The CCSA has been running the awards since 2014 and we’re pleased to announce that it continues to be widely embraced, receiving more than 16,000 votes across Canada this year,” said Jay Thomson, CEO of the CCSA. “We love celebrating our Members through this initiative and are continuously moved by the valuable work they do and the exceptional service they provide to their communities. As always, their stories are nothing short of inspirational.”

Winners in each category were determined in two ways: 1) by the most votes/highest score received, and 2) by the most votes/highest score received per capita subscribers.  Since CCSA is made up of various-sized Members, this system levels the playing field for all.

Votes for the three public voting contest categories were cast online while the two juried categories were determined by the judges, who evaluated the nominations using specific criteria and provided a mark out of 100.

The Tuned-In Canada winners for 2021 are:


Best people: on-camera community channel personality


Novus Entertainment (BC) – Jordan Wade

Cooptel (QC) – Pierre Tétrault

Best story: giving back


CRRS (NL) – 40 years of making a difference

Best photo: connecting Canadians


Vianet (ON) – Rural Broadband Sheep

Best story: game changer


New North Networks (NT) – DOCSIS 3.1 Remote PHY technology

Riondel Cable Society (BC) – Broadband upgrade

Best content: community channel programming


Westman Communications Group (MB) – My story

Cooptel (QC) – Crochet de gauche, Crochet de droite


The winners in each category will receive $1,000 to donate to a local charity of their choice. If the winner won by both calculation methods, they will receive $2,000. Winners will also be celebrated at CCSA’s annual conference in September 2021.