2019 Winners

The Canadian Communication Systems Alliance is pleased to announce the winners of Tuned-In Canada: the CCSA awards, a nation-wide, annual competition that highlights the great work performed by independent, local providers of internet, television, and telephone services across Canada.

“The sixth year of Tuned-In Canada saw the launch of a new website, the introduction of a new voting mechanism, and the move to two juried categories,” said Jay Thomson, CEO of the CCSA. “We are always evolving the contest based on Member and participant feedback – and are pleased these new updates were widely embraced. This year’s group of winners represent Members large and small – who told us inspiring stories, introduced us to great people, and showed us wonderful images of their businesses and their communities. As always we are left inspired by our Members and proud to be Canadian.”

Winners in each category were determined in two ways: 1) by the most votes/highest score received, and 2) by the most votes/highest score received per capita subscribers. Since CCSA is made up of various sized Members, this system levels the playing field for all.

Votes for the three public voting contest categories were either cast online or through a mail-in ballot system. This year’s mail-in ballots had a definite impact, with more than 13,000 received. The two juried categories were determined by the judges, who evaluated the nominations using specific criteria and provided a mark out of 100.

The Tuned-In Canada winners for 2019 are:

Best people: on-camera community channel personality

Burgeo Broadcasting System (NL) – Steve Hiscock

Best story: giving back

Cable Cable (ON) – Boys and Girls Club

Best story: giving back

Pic River Development Corporation (ON) – Education complex

Best photo: connecting Canadians

New North Networks (NT) – Unique office

Best story: game changer

Hay Communications (ON) – Internet 100 symmetrical fibre service

Best story: game changer

Lansdowne Tel (ON) – Cable and Internet infrastructure improvements

Best content: community channel programming

CCAP (QC) – Eautrement

Best content: community channel programming

VCTV (BC) – Ancient Forest

The winners in each category received $1,000 to donate to a local charity of their choice. If the winner won by both calculation methods, they received $2,000. Winners were also celebrated at Connect 2019, CCSA’s annual conference held in Kelowna, BC.