Voting is closed and the winners are chosen for the 2018 edition of Tuned-in Canada!


Winners in each category were determined in two ways:

1) by the most votes received, and

2) by the most votes received per capita subscribers.


Since CCSA is made up of various sized members, this system levels the playing field for all. Votes are cast either online, or using a paper ballot system. This year’s paper ballots had a definite impact, and the winners may be a surprise to those who were closely following the online vote tallies!

This year’s winners, by category, are:


Best content: community channel programming

CRRS (NL) – Cain’s Quest Coverage

VCTV (BC) – Valemount Fentanyl Forum


Best people: on-camera community channel personality

Seaside Communications (NS) – Lynn Rosta

VCTV (BC) – Jennifer Robinson


Best people: celebrating your office hero

Cable Cable (ON) – Kevin Marr

Sayward Valley Communications (BC) – Ian Clark


Best story: making your community stronger

Westman Communications Group (MB) – Connecting Rural Communities

O-NET (AB) – Driven by our Community


Best photo: what does connecting Canada mean to your company?

Cable Cable (ON) – Fibre infrastructure

Lyttonnet (BC) – Off grid tower


Thanks to everyone for participating!