Welcome to the national public voting phase of Tuned-in Canada: the CCSA Awards!

We are using Facebook authentication to secure the voting process – so that means you need to have a Facebook account in order to vote. We will not use your Facebook information to contact you, post on your behalf, access your friends or anything like that. We’re just making sure that you’re a real person. When you click to cast your first vote, Facebook will ask you to log in, and grant permission for our site to access your account to verify who you are.

Once you give your permission, you will be able to vote once per day for your favourite nominee, as long as you remain logged in to your Facebook account.

If you come back to vote for your favourite candidate before 24 hours has elapsed since your last vote, the system will remind you to wait until the 24-hour period has elapsed.

The voting clock re-sets every night at midnight PST. Voting will continue until May 11 at midnight AST.

Happy voting, and good luck to all our nominees!


The voting period is now closed.