2021 Contest category descriptions

Category 1
Best people: on-camera community channel personality (Public Voting Category)

We’re looking for examples of exceptional community channel personalities – show hosts, commentators, news anchors, and those who tell community stories, boost pride, help others, and are a real part of what makes a community special.

Category 2
Best story: giving back (Public Voting Category)

We’re looking for stories about CCSA Member companies that are making a difference through COVID-19 community response, charitable giving, partnerships, free air-time, and other means. We want to know who benefits, what’s involved, and why that matters.

Category 3
Best photo: connecting Canadians
(Public Voting Category)

We’re looking for glorious photos of CCSA Member companies. From working on special projects, to showcasing team members, to celebrating community – we want to see it!

Category 4
Best story: game changer
(Juried Category)

We’re looking for stories of game-changer investments and projects CCSA Member companies have implemented or embarked upon in the past few years. We want to know how these investments have impacted families, businesses and communities for the better. Whether it’s a story about bringing broadband to remote communities, investing in new technologies, or expanding service offerings – we want to be inspired!

Category 5
Best content: community channel programming
(Juried Category)

We’re looking for exceptional examples of community channel programming – shows that tell community stories, tackle issues, and shine a light on content that just isn’t covered anywhere else. We want to see work that punches above its weight in terms of resources, budget, technical tools, and team size!