Tuned-in Canada is a special kind of win.

Winners in each category get to take home a trophy for their excellent work – but they also get to bring $1000 back to a community charity of their choice.

It’s an award that is making a difference.


2017 winners and beneficiaries:

VCTV donated their winnings to the Valemount Senior Citizens Housing Society.

Seaside Communications won in two categories, and donated to the Glace Bay Food Bank Society.

Coopérative de Câblodistribution de Ste-Hedwidge donated to the Knights of Columbus.

Wightman Communications donated to the Walkerton & District Hospital Foundation, and the Hanover & District Hospital Foundation.

Hay Communications & HuronTel jointly won in two categories, donating their winnings to the Huron Women’s Shelter.


2016 winners and beneficiaries:

Access Communications won in five categories, donating to the Access Communications Children’s Fund, the Soul’s Harbour Rescue Mission, and the Regina Humane Society.

CCAP won in two categories, donating to L’Association pour la protection de l’environnement du lac Saint-Charles et des Marais du Nord (APEL) and Concentration Freeski école le Sommet.

Hastings Cable donated to the Centre Hastings Park access project.

Beanfield Technologies donated to Greenest City.

VCTV donated to the Valemount Quilter’s Guild.

Cable Axion (Sophie Dorval) donated to Maison la Cinqième Saison.


2015 winners and beneficiaries:

Access Communications won in three categories, donating to the Access Communications Children’s Fund in Saskatchewan.

Eastlink donated to the Assiginack Public School in Ontario.

Dery Telecom donated to La maison des familles de la Baie, Quebec.

Mascon Cable Systems donated to the Shuswap 4-H Club in British Columbia.


2014 winners and beneficiaries:

CCAP donated to Cité Joie, CAABC and Coeur Ouvert in Quebec.

YourLink Inc. donated to Trees for Tots in British Columbia.

Valemount Entertainment Society donated to Canoe Mountain Rodeo Association in BC.

Westman Communications Group donated to the Brandon Humane Society in Manitoba.




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