About Tuned-in Canada: The CCSA Awards

Canada’s smaller television and communications providers fill a number of important roles in our communities, for hundreds of thousands of subscribers nationwide.

In rural areas, they are sometimes the only source of communications services and content – providing a crucial link to the news, entertainment and business services Canadians expect.

In today’s world of consolidation and cost-cutting, we sure get a lot of news and stories from the big cities, don’t we? Local providers reflect the communities they serve in the content they produce for their own channels. They tell the kind of stories that build community identity and pride of place, keeping these communities on the map.

These are companies that invest in the places in which they work. They sponsor the little league team. They fill the local food bank. They give back. That’s because their relationship to the community isn’t just a business relationship – it’s a personal one. They live there too.

Local providers know the difference between customer service and personal service. These are largely privately owned or family-owned businesses, with the kind of leadership that knows how meaningful it is to stick by your word and by your work. Word of mouth still matters to them.

These are companies that are truly Tuned-in to their customers and their communities.

We think these are attributes worth celebrating, and businesses worth supporting.

At the Canadian Cable Systems Alliance, we represent more than 100 local providers across Canada. We know the challenges they’re up against, and we work hard to help keep their costs down and their quality high.

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating – grassroots-style – all that they do.


Canadian Cable Systems Alliance