What's new for 2019?


This year we’re making a big change to our categories – we’re moving two of them to a juried voting model, which means the judges will decide who wins! The three remaining categories will still be decided by public vote.

We have also created a new category called Best story: game changer.


Public Voting Categories

  1. 1. Best people: on-camera community channel personality
  2. 2. Best story: giving back
  3. 3. Best photo: connecting Canadians


Our panel of judges will review the nominees in each of the above categories and provide a shortlist of four nominations per category. The top four nominations in each category will be made available for public voting and winners will be determined by popular vote.

Juried Categories

  1. 4. Best story: game changer
  2. 5. Best content: community channel programming


The winners of these categories will be determined by the Tuned-in Canada judging panel.  Judges are asked to evaluate the nominations in each category (using specific criteria) and provide a mark out of 100.


Important dates

More new additions...

New campaign website

We’re launching a new campaign website for Tuned-in Canada 2019 that will offer a fresh look, improved responsiveness on smart phones and tablets, and a searchable blog, which will give us the opportunity to properly archive all the great stories we’ve captured over the years.

New voting mechanism

We’re launching a new voting tool on our website this year, which will give us some exciting new functionality and more convenience.

Details to come!

Frequently asked questions

What does the Canadian Communication Systems Alliance (CCSA) do?

The Canadian Communication Systems Alliance (CCSA) acts for Canada’s independent internet, television and telephone providers which serve hundreds of thousands of Canadians living in communities generally outside urban markets. Our members connect Canadians who otherwise might not have access to critical communications services. CCSA members include community cooperatives, family businesses, municipalities and companies owned by Indigenous Peoples. They work and invest in their communities and their relationship to their community isn’t just business – they live there.

Why are you celebrating small and medium sized communications companies?

Canada’s smaller television and communications providers fill a number of important roles in our communities. In rural areas, they are sometimes the only source of communications services and content – providing a crucial link to the news, entertainment and business services Canadians expect. In today’s world of consolidation and cost-cutting, we sure get a lot of news and stories from the big cities, don’t we? Local providers reflect the communities they serve in the content they produce for their own channels. They tell the kind of stories that build community identity and pride of place, keeping these communities on the map. These are companies that are truly Tuned-in to their customers and their communities. We think these are attributes worth celebrating, and businesses worth supporting.

What do winners receive?

Tuned-in Canada is a special kind of win. Winners in each category get to take home a trophy for their excellent work. A cash prize of $1,000 is also donated to a community charity or organization of the winner’s choice. It’s an award that is making a difference.