What is
Tuned-in Canada?

Tuned-in Canada is a project sponsored by the Canadian Cable Systems Alliance – designed to spotlight the great work done by local providers of television and communications services in Canada. Every day these companies prove to their subscribers – in many ways – that bigger isn’t necessarily better.

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The voting period has begun!

We have entered the voting period for Tuned-in Canada: the CCSA Awards, 2017 edition.

Be sure to vote once per day, every day for your favourite nominees!

Voting is now closed.

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Include a great photo. It’s true what they say: a picture is worth a thousand words.  

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Choose and link to a great video clip. You can include a link to a full show, or you...

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Make sure your nomination is as complete as possible, and include as much detail as you can. You don’t...

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Tell a story! Particularly for the Best customer service and Best community building categories, take the time to tell...

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